Pidgin 2.5.1

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Iata ca a trecut putina vreme de la anuntul anterior ca si s-a anuntat noua versiune Pidgin 2.5.1. Ce aduce nou:

* libpurple
o In the Join/Part plugin, add the ability to apply the rules to buddies. By default, joins and parts for buddies are still shown.
o Support SOCKS proxies specified in GNOME or Windows proxy settings.
o Fix some possible crashes in MSNP15.
o Enable a default SSL trust relationship for MSN servers.
o Avoid disconnecting from XMPP servers on parse errors that are non-fatal.
o Include some perl files that were mistakenly omitted in 2.5.0.

* Pidgin
o Prevent use of custom smilies without "shortcuts."
o Fix a crash that could appear with AIM buddy tooltips.

* Artwork
o General refresh of many icons in the interface.
o Many cleanups to artwork source are now included in the distribution.
o A new "throbber" animation has been added to indicate when accounts are connecting.

Noua versiune poate fi instalata din mediul main/backports