Distribution Release: ROSA 2012 "LXDE"

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Distribution Release: ROSA 2012 "LXDE"

pe distrowatch a aparut Rosa 2012 LTS "LXDE" la incercat cineva?.....citeva lucruri despre sistem" We are glad to announce the release of our community LXDE edition - ROSA LXDE 2012 LTS. The distro is based on ROSA Marathon packages and is 100% compatible with it. The only and main difference is the default graphic environment which is LXDE - Lightweight X11 Desktop Environment. This community release is designed primarily for users with old legacy hardware. Software versions: Linux kernel 3.0.28, LXPanel based on LXPanelx with some improvements from ROSA, PCManFM 0.9.10, LibreOffice, main European locales, Firefox 10, VLC 2, DeaDBeeF 0.5.2, LXDE Control Center, audio and video codecs by default."

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ms sefu , si ms si d.lui C

ms sefu , si ms si d.lui C.Gherman ca l-a pus pe home
Arata beton...pe un vm cu 1 gigi de ram zburda de mori ....foarte misto.

http://www.mandrivausers.ro/ MRB aint no shit , :p Linux user number 507107 Nu dați banii pe prostii, puneți Linux pe PISI ![ARLUG]

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