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Hello ROSA boys and girls! :))

ROSA is announcing a new major release pack for the "R" series of its distributions - the ROSA Desktop Fresh R2. The "R" lineup is targeted to the experienced users who care for fresh updated versions of the software and for those with new modern hardware. The R2 release includes all the updates, bugfixes and features added since the R1 release. The ROSA Desktop Fresh R2 is based on KDE graphical desktop environment. The GNOME and LXDE versions are expected shortly as well.
Users already using the ROSA Desktop Fresh 2012 R1 will get all the updates through the stardart software update process.

The ROSA Fresh R2 features
Installer features:
***The language and locale settings, keyboard layout and time zone are set automatically through the GeoIP service if the network connection is up
***Better btrfs support

The desktop environment features:
***The KDE graphical desktop environment updated to version 4.11.3, various KDE bugs and regressions were fixed (including some upstream issues as well)
***Phonon updated to the version 4.7.0

Userspace software updates include:
***LibreOffice v4.1.3 with fixed "freeze" bug while using the integration mode and Python3 support
***Clementine v1.2 with Russian social network VKontakte support
***Firefox v25.0.1
***Thunderbird v24.1.1

System software:
***Kenel v3.10.19 with MEI patches fixing the Intel processors freezes and better display autodetection features
***X-server v1.14.4
***Intel graphics drivers updated to the v2.99.905, NVIDIA v325.15 and NVIDIA304 v304.88 (for graphical cards < 8xxx), AMD Catalyst (fglrx) version 13.8
***Mesa 9.2
***FFmpeg 2.1 with Atrac3+ codec support added
***Linaro GCC 4.7 (version 4.8 is available from additional repo)
***Cups 1.7.0
***"Testing" repos are available for better testing user experience (not enabled by default)
***The x64 installation include 32-bit main and non-free repos to give user the possibility for installing skype, wine, teamviewer, steam and some other programms without 64-bit support
***Printing and scanning settings are now supported by Draksec (the tool for flexible management of system administration access)
***The user passwords mechanism is now using the sha512 algorythm
***GRUB2 in EFI mode is now able to detect and boot the Windows installations
***Base EFI support was added into installer, users are able to install system into EFI computers using GRUb2 and efibootmanager, but still not in the automated mode.

Systemd features
***Systemd was updated to the version 204
***The following subsystems were switched to systemd:
******the keyboard layout and locale management now support both localectl and drakkeyborad/draklocale settings
******the time zone management now supports both drakclock and timedatectl settings
******the ROSA native systemd generator for EFI partition mount without obligatory dependence on efivars
******the migration of legacy init.d ervices onto systemd services is in progress

You may download the ROSA Desktop Fresh R2 installation images from here:
Your bugreports are always welcome at
For general release info and errata please refer to
You may always discuss ROSA Fresh R2 on our forums (English-French-Polish-Spanish speakers are welcome)

Best regards,
Julia Dronova, ROSA Labs

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ptr citeva trucuri EFI si imprimante HP MRB aint no shit , :p Linux user number 507107 Nu dați banii pe prostii, puneți Linux pe PISI ![ARLUG]

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handy, merci

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Nuxule ptr hp tre sa actualizezi cups, e de ieri in main-updates. MRB aint no shit , :p Linux user number 507107 Nu dați banii pe prostii, puneți Linux pe PISI ![ARLUG]

Unix is user-friendly. It’s just very selective about who its friends are